Agent Andy: Guitar & Vocals

Andy has been playing guitar longer than he can remember and after gigging in various bands over the years, has made a welcome return to his roots playing some great soul-vibe 60's music. His preferred guitar of choice for The Fedz is the Fender Telecaster: an ideal tool to chop out those classic Steve Cropper riffs and licks from the Stax back catalogue.

Agent Paul: Keyboards & Vocals

Paul brings a musical richness that defines the catalogue of authentic songs the 'The Fedz' deliver to the dance floor. With great piano lines from his Korg SV1 stage piano, together with the rich tonal pallette from the Kurzweil PCx keyboard, Paul is a key part of The Fedz sound and integral to the song arrangements the band produce.

Agent Chris: Bass & Vocals

Some say that Chris and Nigel (our drummer) share the same DNA, whilst others say they were originally Siamese Twins that were separated at birth and given Bass & Drums as pre-school toys? All we know is that together they are the original funk soul brothers who lay down a rock solid groove you'll lock into everytime you hear 'The Fedz' in action!

IMG_5781 (692x800)

Agent Nigel: Drums & Vocals

Nigel is a hugely versatile and talented drummer who quickly embraced technology, introducing a Yamaha DTX electronic drum kit to 'The Fedz' back-line. This ensures top-class live sound production with an authentic, but powerful drum sound that cuts through the mix everytime. But when asked how many drummers does it take to change a light bulb, Nigel answers "Five: one to screw the bulb in, and four to discuss how much better Neil Peart could've done it".

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