• dbx Driverack PA

    I thought it might be cool to review some of the components that are used within the PA system currently toured by 'The Fedz' - this is a 2-way system of a round a 2kW capacity with the following speaker arrary through which everything is routed (vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass & drums):-

    - 2 x Peavey Hisys 115XT Bass Subs

    - 2 x Peavey Hisys 3XT Mid/High Cabs

    These cabs are bi-amped with separate stereo power-amps driving the bass + the mid/high cabs respectively and we start with a look at the dbx Driverack PA which lies at the heart of the rig. The dbx Driverack PA was originally purchased to act as a simple 2-way active cross-over unit (it can offer 3-way output for bass/mid/highs), but we knew it had more to offer and are now beginning to get to grips with its complexity. And complex it certainly is......!

    If you want a simple plug & play system, I could not easily recommend the dbx Driverack PA as it does take some effort to get to grips with its functionality + knowledge of sound systems to optimise its operation. But if you want a loud speaker management system that provides a wide degree of functionality, then do check out the DriveRack PA as when it properly set up, it can transform your FoH sound with excellent results.

    Just pick your speakers and amps from the built-in list on the menu (or build your own customised set-up) and then let the Auto Level Wizard™ fine tune the level settings of each speaker. You can then let the Auto EQ® Wizard help you further optimize your sound by 'pinking' the room via an RTA mic into the front panel to allow the rack to 'listen' to the speaker output and auto adjust a dual 31-band graphic equaliser. Finish up by using the AFS Wizard, which automatically sets filters to eliminate any feedback during performances leaving your system sounding like it was tuned by a pro!

    If you have any questions about the dbx Driverack PA, please leave a comment and we'll get back.


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